Al Fadl & Al Qadr fields are located in the eastern part of the Abu-El-Gharadig Basin (Western Desert, Egypt). The exploratory wells Al Fadl -1 & Al Qadr -1 were drilled late 2007, encountered under saturated oil in the Bahariya Formation (Cretaceous). The development lease was granted in January 2008 after the successful testing of the wells. Production started in April 2008. These discoveries offered an attractive opportunity to increase Bapetco's oil production. Due to its location away from the existing Bapetco facilities, Early Production Facilities were installed to enable production to start just after the development lease was granted. The development required an integrated and x-asset planning approach to accelerate its development and maximize hydrocarbon production without compromising other development. The main strategy was to fast-track maturation and appraisal/development opportunities in the area. The main aim was to expand Bapetco's operations and achieve early production, and prepare for the secondary recovery (water flood scheme). The Petroleum Engineering studies consisted in the construction of comprehensive 3D models of the marginal marine reservoir sequences capturing key uncertainties. The static models were exported to dynamic simulators. Geological, petrophysical and reservoir engineering data were integrated to create realizations reflecting extreme scenarios for reservoir parameters such as reservoir architecture, structure and fluid contacts in an attempt to define the in place hydrocarbon volume range, the static connectivity and to test the robustness of the development concepts. Dynamic models were used to provide forecasts for proposed realizations. Very successful multidisciplinary integrated study work resulted in fast track maturation of FDP and delivery of 27 well proposals within 6 months. The development scenario selected consists of an inverted 5 spot pattern (spacing between well producers of 600m, fracced wells, ESP completion). Currently the fields are producing through the EPF system while development drilling is delivering 2 producers a month. Water injection is planned to start in the Q1 of 2010.

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