Issaran fied Upper Dolomite Zone were subjected to a steam project by year 2006. The steam injection pressure is very important factor during the steam cyclic project as at any single injector difference in the performance of nearby wells may be attributed to (1) local differences in reservoir characteristics and initial fluid contents, (2) anisotropy in properties (perhaps a preferred fracture orientation), (3) effects of dip, (4) differences in well completion, operation, or impairment, and (5) differences in the location of fluid fronts in the reservoir.

Normally the injection pressure measure during thermal operations to provide (1) information on the injectivity and productivity of wells and flow resistance in the reservoir, (2) confidence that equipment and wells are being operated at design pressure levels and within safe pressure limits, (3) information on the enthalpy of fluids, and (4) information about properties and conditions existing in the reservoir through the use of diagnostic well test and continuous pressure observations.

The injection pressure play very important role on the oil production after the injection period. Here will discuss the pressure performance while steaming and its effect on the average oil production on the production period after. On Issaran Upper Dolomite fracture zone, 16 wells were subjected to two steam cycles and based on the injection performance these 16 wells were subdivide to three groups, the first group for the wells which showed a decline on the oil rate after the second cycle, second group for the wells showed sustain on the oil production after the second cycle and the third group showed an increase on the oil production after the second cycle.

This paper will highlight these results, and the methodology taken for analyzing the data, and the ways of investigation taken to reach a certain conclusion by the injection pressure should not exceed the fracture pressure otherwise during the second cycle the average oil production will be decrease.

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