Peninsular Malaysia Operations (PMO) is one of three domestic regions of PETRONAS Carigali Sendirian Berhad (PCSB) located in offshore of Peninsular Malaysia. The operations cover six of main operation areas namely PPD-D, PPD-F, PPD-L, PPD-P, PPD-S and PPD-T. Those operation areas have a wide operation ranges: from green to brown fields, from single to multiple products, from onshore terminal to offshore Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO), from heavy crude to light crude and from big to small fields. PPD-D area is gas producer; PPD-F, PPD-L, PPD-P and PPD-S areas are crude and gas producers while PPD-T area is onshore crude and gas terminals. PPD-F area is scatter small fields facilitated with one unit of FPSO and one unit of FSO; PPD-L area is a big oil field facilitated with water alternating gas (WAG) injection facilities, gas lift infrastructure and one unit of FSO; PPD-P area is scatter medium to small brown oil and gas fields facilitated with processing plant, water injection facilities, gas compression, gas lift infrastructures, crude pipeline and gas pipeline and PPD-S areas is a big oil and gas fields, facilitated with integrated gas and oil processing plant, water injection facilities, gas lift infrastructure, crude pipeline and gas pipeline. In some oil fields, water injection is applied for reservoir pressure maintenance while water flooding and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies are implemented to maximize oil recovery. Some fields are still producing naturally while in most brown fields, gas lift is suitable to assist the crude production. Production operations comprises of three functions: production planning, field production operations and production logistics. The main scope is crude and gas production and evacuation from the well up to the terminal or exporting point. As the think tank in production operations, production planning consists of three functions: production analyst, field and integrated production planning and hydrocarbon accounting and allocation. In day to day works, production planning is focusing on crude and gas production achievement. Field production operation as the heart of production operations, handles day to day offshore routine activities, process performance improvement, process plant upgrade and new production facility installation. Considering the importance and urgency of capability building, production operations has taken significant measures in developing and helming competent engineers in order to achieve and maintain excellent production operations as well as to sustain technical talent development. Analysis presented in this paper describes important keys in competency development; they are 1) capability mapping, 2) skill development process and 3) measurement and feedback.

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