Munga field of the Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC) in Sudan has several wells that have commingle production from the Aradeiba, Bentiu-1 and Bentiu-2 formations. These formations are highly variable in terms of the reservoir properties, oil types and pressure regimes. Because of the contrast properties of different layers, the water cut phenomenon is relatively fast and severe which hampers the productivity and ultimate recovery of the individual well as well as the field.

For effective Reservoir Management and to limit the declining trend of the field, Water Management Techniques are applied in some of the wells of this field. Information obtained in the process was used for reservoir model calibration, well productivity prediction, low productivity diagnosis, and generation of new drainage points and remedial action for water management.

This paper discusses the technical details of three cases corresponding to the wells Munga-XX and Umm Sagura South-XX (USS-XX) and Munga-XY in which, a multidisciplinary approach has been implemented in order to determine depletion profile, produced oil and remaining reserves, locate any "by-passed" oil zones, determine oil and water contributions from each zone and shut off the excess water production while maintaining or increasing oil production.

The source of water entry was identified in multi-rate production logging using Production Services Platform and electrical probes through Y tool-ESP completion. Vx meter was carried out at surface to real time monitoring the well production during the production logging survey. The well depletion profile was determined using Cased Hole Formation Resistivity (CHFR*) tool. A multidisciplinary team processed and interpreted the logging data and based on the results remedial jobs were carried out

The general outcome of the remedial jobs based on this approach was a considerable reduction in water production in both Munga-XX and USS-XX wells as well as oil production gain, making this a successful job.

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