Today’s oil & Gas industry is showing an increasing tendency to have more dependency in outsourcing the most for achieving its goals. The most evident case can be appreciated in areas that are generally executed using specialized contractors and manpower.

Petrobel places a continuing emphasis on the management of health, safety and environmental protection implemented by the Contractors working in its sphere of operations in order to ensure that all reasonable protection is provided to preserve personnel, plant, equipment and the environment.

One of the key points is finding the right balance between the expected performance by the contractors and the amount of resources and time required to put in place by the contracting company to maintain a sustainable continuous improvement process to achieve an integrated good HSE performance by both parties.

Good HSE reputation is ringing the bells all over around the world and this means reliability and profit wins or losses. Today’s stock market is more sensible than ever and it is impossible to say that we are achieving well when our contractors are poorly performing.

Contractors HSE Management is established to ensure that a standard and uniform approach is adopted by Petrobel for the evaluation of Health, Safety and Environment Management Systems developed and implemented by Contracting Companies at various phases of business.

Contractor HSE Management System should help adopt a common strategy by Petrobel for dealing with different categories of contractors in the aspects of HSE Management from the pre-qualification stage up to the completion of contract.

Contractors should be urged to develop their own HSE Management Systems in proportion with the risks encountered during a contract period, so as to reduce the risks to as low as reasonably practicable level, taking into account the cost benefit to achieve this objective.

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