Occupational Health (OH) Management is the management process, through which corporate resources are organized and used to promote well-being and prevent, or minimize, the adverse health impact of work on personnel and contractors. Failure to control occupational health risks in the workplace can result in a wide range of effects, from general worker under performance to premature deaths. It is also recognized that good occupational health performance is not only ethically sound, but it also makesgood financial and business sense. It is also an essential component of the HSE Policy.

Health Risk Management is a modern fast moving subject as it covers all aspects of risk associatedwith the worker environment and its affect on health.Today's Occupational Health and Safety Professionals take the pro-active approach by trying to prevent ill – health and accident beforeit happen.

Petrobel developed and implemented a new Health management system with reference to Egyptian Legislation, Eni E&P (shareholders) standards and industry best practice.

This Occupational Health Management System includes:

  • Medical Assessment Programe

  • Fitness to Work – Minimum Medical Standards

  • Catering & WaterHygiene & Quality Standard

  • Minimum Equipment Standards for Petrobel Medical Facilities

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