Reduction of gas flaring while sustaining the oil production target of 500 MBOPD from the West Kuwait field of KOC is a challenge. There are some reliability issues within the existing set up of West Kuwait oil & gas processing facilities in term of gas and condensate management which sometimes causes very high flaring. Moreover high flaring is also triggered whenever there is any problem occurs in downstream units in the Refinery.

Presently the average flaring from West Kuwait field is very high and reaches up to 30% of the total gas production. KOC has developed road map for gradual reduction of gas flaring to achieve 1% flaring and initiated several short term and long term initiatives to improve reliability & availability of the gas processing facilities and gas distribution network.


The crude oil is produced from the wells is associated with gas and water. The oil produced from the different reservoirs of the field is brought into the gathering centres. Oil is separated from the associated gas & water in the high pressure and low pressure separators. The oil after separation goes to wet tank strogae facility. The oil is then further treated in the desalters. The deslted crude then sent to the dry crude tank from where it is exported.

The gas coming out of the tanks are compressed in tank vapor compressor up to 60 psig and join the gases from LP separators. The LP gas is then compressed in LP compressors up tp 300 psig and joins with the gases coming out of the HP separators. The HP gas is then further compressed up to 900 psig. The extra high pressure gas is then dehydrated before being exported to the downstream refinery Acid Gas Removal Plants (AGRP). The condensate which is separated from the gas at high pressure is dehydrated separately and being exported to the AGRP also.

West Kuwait Field:

There are two oil fields in WK area namely Minagish & Umm Gadair Field. There are four GC's and one booster station is there in WK area which are located strategically for well integrated operations.

The figure 1 below indicates the strategical location of the two fields and the associated facilities.

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