This paper documents the use of integrated reservoir management concepts during the application of innovative technology to improve oil production/recovery in both new and mature fields. It provides a number of examples of multi-disciplinary project teams working together in a motivated environment to optimize the asset value. These examples demonstrate the innovative use of existing technologies to increase asset productivity: 3D/4D seismic, geostatistics, characterization/simulation, horizontal drilling technology, and improved oil recovery (IOR)/enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques — dumpflooding, peripheral/pattern floods, water/gas injection, CO2/miscible gas, and steamflooding.

Adopting an integrated team approach is important because of the advanced level of expertise required in making large-scale primary, secondary and tertiary projects successful from both a technical and an economic point of view. Opportunities for improving recovery through synergistic activities among team members are numerous. The integrated team approach and innovative use of technologies have resulted in significant increase in production/recovery in each of the case studies. Moreover, multi-disciplinary functions can yield significant benefits and individual job satisfaction for the participating team members.

A team building approach that uses "in-house" reservoir management quality fitness reviews or mini-forums are often employed to facilitate communication among engineering, geosciences, and operations staff. Recommendations for project improvement are a natural outgrowth of these forums.

Our experience indicates that considerable corporate benefits can be derived from integrated, multi-disciplinary reservoir management activities for both new and mature fields, onshore or offshore.

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