The advancement of technology has brought about ease of life with the help of technology automation which can be applied virtually in all aspects of living. With the emergence of internet of things, prototyping real state systems has become less expensive and easy to embark on thus creating platforms for development in the oil & gas sector. This research aims to analyze, design, and develop an effortless system powered via solar energy for the control of a sprinkler system and liquid flow void of human intervention. The system was programmed using an Arduino board and other hardware at an adjustable set time with Arduino software. The research is geared at reducing human efforts in irrigation systems, to save cost and time in sprinkling liquid on any system. The use of some weather parameters like humidity, temperature, and moisture sensors; Arduino kits and GSM module constitutes the smart irrigation system setup. The system is automated to feed the necessary quantity of liquid to any given surface based on design parameters with the moisture sensor programmed within 0 to 1023 (0-100%) range. The system adapted a method of pump-start at 40% moisture reading. Various analysis of the research findings has been presented in the work with applicability in remote areas and oil fields void of human intervention.

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