In this study, sustainable development is reviewed with particular focus on how Nigeria can efficiently utilize her renewable energy resources to provide cheap and affordable energy using Hydrogen as a fuel source to drive a Hydrogen economy. Hydrogen has the potential to become an important part of Nigeria's energy mix, as it is an abundant, clean, and safe fuel source. The paper first outlines the meaning of Hydrogen economy and it's important in the Nigeria energy mix. It also address the current energy situation in Nigeria, with a focus on the challenges faced by the country with regards to energy availability and affordability as well as the future of the conventional Petroleum base economy. It then provides an overview of hydrogen production and its associated technologies, with a focus on the potential of hydrogen as an alternative fuel source using water. The paper presents a proposed approach to achieve a balanced energy availability and affordability in Nigeria, with a focus on the development of hydrogen infrastructure. An experimental approach was used to demonstrate how hydrogen can be extracted from water into a storable fuel. The stored Hydrogen fuel was used to power a fabricated hydrogen fuel cell to generate energy for domestic cooking. The study highlights the importance of the experimental setup and the need for development in a commercial scale to meet the rising energy demand of the nation for a sustainable development. Finally, the paper outlines the potential benefits of hydrogen production for Nigeria, as well as the potential barriers to its successful implementation. The paper concludes by highlighting the need for further research and analysis to understand the feasibility of using hydrogen energy in Nigeria.

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