Most brown fields have inherent issues ranging from, but not limited to increasing water production, reservoir pressure decline, increasing sand production and wells/facility integrity challenges due to Asset aging. For the Habic Assets, frequent incidents of insecurity and vandalization of facilities has added non-engineering challenges to the effective management of Assets. Well production uptime is highly impacted by this new challenge, and this has necessitated continuous optimization and innovation to ensure that the Asset remains profitable.

This paper presents the simple and cost-effective approach used by the integrated Petroleum Engineering & Asset Production teams to deliver business promise for the Asset. The integrated team reviewed various strategies to harness the benefits of the age long "fix-the-basics" tools to arrest the dwindling fortunes of the Assets. Two key approaches were employed: firstly, surveillance data was incorporated in integrated production system models (IPSM) and using the Chan diagnostic tool, well operating envelopes were defined and used for optimization of producers. Based on the outcome of the reviews, the team proposed several production system optimizations with combined estimated gain of ca. 7800 bopd within allowable rate. Secondly, long closed-in well stock meant for temporary securing in line with standard well integrity recommended practice were flow tested using surveillance data gathered as a guide. The team prioritized strings in terms of historical closed-in tubing head pressure (CITHP), held risk assessments sessions and secured mitigations to perform the flow trial. This led to the identification of 7 conduits with combined potential of 4200 bopd.

Both restoration and optimization efforts from integrated review of producing and closed-in well stock has added a combined potential of 6200 bopd with a further ca.5800 bopd expected once the outstanding optimization opportunities and open-up of 3 other closed-in wells are implemented and tested.

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