The oil and gas industry faces inherent hazards that can result in process safety incidents, such as leaks, fires, and explosions, causing harm to people, assets and the environment. Process safety requires a comprehensive commitment from everyone involved, going beyond policy compliance. Each specialization within the industry has a role in maintaining a safe work area and ensuring sustainable oil and gas production.

Process safety entails the proper design, safe operation, and maintenance of physical assets like drilling rigs, platforms, and processing facilities to prevent the release of hazardous materials. It relies on proactive leadership and competent personnel to achieve the goal of zero harm to employees, contractors, communities, and the environment. A crucial aspect of process safety management is the continuous evaluation of potential risks, the identification of preventive measures, and the assessment of the effectiveness of existing controls. Many process safety incidents in the industry have resulted from a failure to recognize and mitigate risks associated with changes. The Piper Alpha disaster in 1988 serves as a tragic example of such a failure.

Gas lift systems can present integrity challenges. Operators have prioritized addressing well integrity compromises in gas lift systems, especially regarding the check valve in gas lift valves.

The Okom field with over fifty-nine (59) years of production, began using artificial lift gas in 1993 to maximize oil production but has encountered challenges in its gas lift system operations, such as reverse flow issues and liquid fouling of gas lift manifolds during shutdowns, which further emphasizes the importance of process safety management in its operations. Aging infrastructure further underscores the criticality of process safety for mature assets like Okom.

This paper focuses on the integrated approach employed by the Okom Asset team to address process safety challenges, maintain gas lift integrity, manage major accident hazards, and consistently deliver process safety fundamentals across its assets.

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