The importance of HSE in oil and gas activities especially in drilling operations cannot be overemphasized. Over the years, many systems of how to reduce and eliminate HSE challenges in our operations have been implemented. These systems keep changing to meet goal zero target.

Despite the implementation and the published advances in HSE approaches and tools, HSE performance continues to be at least one incident above target which is Goal Zero. This paper is focused on identifying if the Best Value Approach (BVA) can be modified into a HSE leadership model to help HSE leaders, frontline barrier leaders with delivering GOAL ZERO.

This paper specifically focuses on identifying the unique practice of the BVA that has generated a significant amount of documented high-performance results in the procurement of services and project management. This paper will translate this proven performance to HSE leadership. The paper will match this theory with a current HSE leadership practice of Assist and Assure in Shell. The aim, match theory to practice and then to theory and then produce a concept that will help HSE leaders optimise the implementation of the Assist and Assure Process.

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