Recovery agent formulated from a bio-based polymer and surfactant was targeted at extracting stuck reservoir fluid. Synthesized Methyl ester sulfonate directly from castor Oil was reacted at altered concentrations with Guar gum. With an important advantage involving a dual chemical component processing high viscosities with dual recovery nature that influences interfacial tension(IFT) and improvement of mobility ratio. Adsorption of surfactant on Berea sandstone noticeably reduced after engaging this blend. The performance was studied by Core flooding, and Rheological studies. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) process was conducted employing with Berea sandstone cores as the porous medium with OFITE®'s reservoir permeability tester(RPT). EOR efficiency using this combination gave more recoveries ranging from 58-72% of the initial oil in place after water flooding and also a comparism was achieved with conventional surfactant and Polymer.

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