The use of different fragments of planning's existed across entities in Total E & P - JV District but these planning were neither integrated nor centrally coordinated which resulted in: poor visibility of inter-relationship with other entities, making it time consuming to identify clashes and concurrent activity issues; inability to optimize/align activities with production shortfalls; use of different planning tools/templates which resulted in duplication of data/activities & planners spending much time in data entry and generating reports; and difficulty with linking Integrated Planning (IP) to organizational business model/budget which gives a poor overview of the operational cost/efficiency and resources optimization.

These prompted the IP transformation project, where a review of the situation along with its limitation were discussed during workshops organized with entity schedulers and their management. Return on experience from other affiliates on Implementation of IP were also reviewed and data gathered/feedbacks from entities were used to develop the new IP deliverables. A central enterprise planning software was adopted, schedulers were selected, trained and processes, rules were equally defined and developed.

We now have a single centrally coordinated IP database that now enables the identification of anticipate clashes and Synergies, proper POB management, enhancement of Contracts and Procurement to better anticipate required resources (materials), follow progress, Improved communication and transverse approach across the Total E & P JV-District, arbitration and report when required and incorporation of IP in established JV business processes.

The scope of the transformation project includes HSE, Production, Maintenance, Drilling and Completion/Well Services, General Services, Events, Inspection, Engineering/Construction and Projects, Contracts and Procurement, Shutdown, Campaign of Works, Technical Logistics and General Activities. These entities can now extract planned activities with varied time scales with deliverables ranging from weekly, 4monthly, 1 yearly (work program) and 24 monthly.

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