This present study emphasizes the inhibition capacity of a local inhibitor, Plant Extract (PE) on structure I (sI) gas hydrate. The Plant Extract (PE) was screened using a mini flow loop made of 316 stainless steel of internal diameter of 0.5-inch encased in a 4-inch PVC pipe skid mounted on a metal frame work fitted with pressure and temperature gauges, mixer vessel, pumps and control switches. Pressure and Temperature readings were recorded for 120 minutes. Plots of Pressure and Temperature versus Time for 1, 2 and 3wt% of the local inhibitor alongside Pressure versus Time plot of PE and MEG were done as a way of comparison. Calculations for Inhibition Efficiency (IE) for local inhibitor PE and MEG was also done. 1wt% of the plant extract (PE) had a high inhibition efficiency of 84.21% while 2 and 3wt% had inhibition efficiency of 60.53% and 73.68% respectively. The overall inhibition efficiency of Plant Extract (PE) was higher than that of MEG for 1wt% (60.53%) and 2wt% (55.26%) but had the same efficiency at 3wt% (73.68%). The optimum weight percentage for PE is 1wt% because of its high efficiency. It is clearly shown that Plant Extract (PE) is a better gas hydrate inhibitor which is gotten from nature and is environmentally friendly unlike Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) which is synthetic and toxic to both human and aquatic life. It is therefore recommended for field trial.

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