Directional well trajectory design is an essential part of a drilling plan process, considering various challenging factors from surface and subsurface restrictions/challenges to available technology and equipment and most importantly, economics. Directional well trajectory design requires rigorous mathematics to ensure proper execution of the drill path that would accommodate safety of the tools being used to drill the planned well. Various well trajectory design applications have been developed such as the Halliburton COMPASS which aid in constructing well trajectory designs. Due to the difficulty in affordability and perhaps availability of such an industrial and robust tool, hence as a result of this research a computer application was developed, named WellTIT (Well Trajectory Illustration Tool) version 1.0, which could be used to enlighten students further on the topic, ranging from basic directional well trajectories to complex and multiple well trajectories designs. A survey data ran by COMPASS was used to validate the ability of the WellTIT v. 1.0 application, of which results from both applications fairly matched.

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