The Casing Design Application developed by well engineers in Havilah Hydrocarbon Resources Management (HHRM) is designed with simplicity to avoid the complicated casing design software in the market and provide an in-house tool for quick evaluation of casing scheme options. The development of this MS Excel Based software is motivated by a need to offer a package that accurately predicts relevant well loads, without compromising designs and making it too conservative and expensive or under-conservative and unsafe.

The HHRM Casing Design Application considers all the anticipated loadings on the casing string at the time when the casing is run and throughout the life of the well. The design criteria is such that meet the conflicting requirements of collapse and burst, while ensuring the tensile loading strength of the casing are never exceeded. This application also provides triaxial stress analysis to provide high confidence as regards the ultimate casing scheme to be adopted. This casing design tool has been developed using Visual Basic macros in the Microsoft Excel Environment.

The different components of the Casing Design Tool are presented in this paper. The tool helps the designer make recommendation on combination casing strings from a large casing database or selections based on the client's inventory. The tool has been tested and the results have been found to be consistent with commercial software. The casing design tool is applicable to both vertical and deviated wells.

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