Overtime waterflood has proven to be the most versatile of reservoir development strategies as the relative flexibility, relatively mature technology and adaptability in a variety of environments and patterns makes it frequently the economic and safe option. This paper presents experiences garnered from a high resolution well and reservoir surveillance in a waterflood asset and clearly demonstrates that effective waterflood performance management is key to realizing the full potentials of waterflood developments especially in sedimentary systems with marked micro and macro stratigraphic and structural heterogeneities.

Field W has been under waterflood for over twenty years and the recovery to date has more than doubled the initial depletion based estimate clearly demonstrating the widely proven benefits of waterflood developments. However poor injectivity, varying reservoir pressure and increased fracture growth have been recognized of late as major factors militating against effective water injection performance in the field.

This paper will demonstrate the applicability of Hall's plot towards a robust well and reservoir performance monitoring and management in Field W. The conventional and primary use of the Hall plot has been to track the quality of water injection/or general performance in/of injectors, but it will be demonstrated that field trends of oil and water cut, interference testing, reservoir pressure evolution, static and dynamic formation evaluation data and the general reservoir drainage pattern can be better understood with development ambiguities greatly illuminated with the judicious use of the Hall plot integrated with other associated diagnostic plots.

The paper will also clearly establish that for Field W the combination of the Hall plot techniques and other conventional waterflood diagnostic plots to field production data has significantly improved an understanding of field-wide well and reservoir performance, injector-producer pair interaction, effectiveness of injection regime/production policy, delineation of drainage patterns and a high resolution reservoir characterization for optimization of new well placements.

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