High pressure and high temperature (HPHT) wells are wells with pore pressures in excess of 0.8psi/ft or wells that require surface pressure control equipment with ratings in excess of 10,000psi and static bottom hole temperatures higher than 300 deg F (150 deg C). Although a large un-developed hydrocarbon portfolio in the Niger Delta falls within the operating envelop of HP/HT, there is little or no record of current producing HPHT wells in the Niger Delta. One of the reasons could be the commercial attractiveness of the conventional wells that are still being produced. The other reason could be the risk and complexity of the wells in terms of design, execution and operation.

However of recent a number of operators have started or are in the process of starting HPHT campaigns. The essence of this paper is to outline the design methodology that has been followed in the design of some HPHT wells in the Niger Delta and share some of the factors that should be taken into consideration in the design of such high-risk and complex wells

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