A systematic and simplest analytical solution for obtaining pressure behavior of vertical wells with partial completion for no-flow boundary system is the main objective of this paper.

Depending upon the type of wellbore completion configuration, it is possible to have radial, spherical or hemispherical flow near the wellbore. A well with a limited perforated interval (partial completion) could result in spherical flow in the vicinity of the perforations. A well which only partially penetrates the pay zone, could result in hemispherical flow. These conditions could arise where coning of bottom water or gas cap becomes a serious issue

Partial completion is the completion of or flow from less than the entire producing interval. This situation causes a near-well flow constriction that result in a positive skin effect in a well-test analysis.

The partial differential equations were solved for no-flow boundary system in Laplace and Fourier Transform domains before inversion to real time domain.

The application of Gaver-Stehfest algorithm (1970) was used to invert the dimensionless pressure drop in Laplace space in a MATLAB program.

Pressure behaviour solution for closed boundary has been obtained, taking into consideration the effect of partial completion.

Various plots of pressure drop and derivative versus time for a well partially completed at the middle (centre) at different skin (S) values have also been obtained.

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