This paper presents the Mede & Mafe field Integrated Production System Modeling (IPSM) strategy, synopsis of work done and benefits derived from the model. The IPSM provided a simple fit-for-purpose tool for understanding, diagnosing and tracking the fields’ performance as well as optimizing well production and facility throughput.

The main areas which the IPSM was used are:

  • Opportunity identification and validation

  • Optimization and

  • Prediction of field performance.

The IPSM enabled the integration of flow assurance with subsurface deliverability using well and reservoir operating conditions as boundary conditions & separators static pressures as topside constraints. The IPSM modeling strategy was aligned to meet the requirements of Well and Reservoir Management (WRM) minimum standard.

Opportunity realization and optimization from the existing wells were achieved after calibrating the model to match actual field performance within ±5% error margin. Additionally, the opportunities generated from the Integrated Drainage Point Reviews (IDPR) were ranked and validated with the IPSM model to quantify Short Term Oil Gains (STOG) within calculated well and reservoir operating envelopes.

The model is also used as a standard tool for quarterly Production System Optimization meeting with continual update made to enhance well and reservoir management of these fields.

The IPSM has been used in four PSO reviews with seven (7) bean-up opportunities identified/validated delivering oil gain of 1500bopd. An opportunity to improve flow assurance and de-bottleneck the Mafe bulklines with a potential to deliver 1700bopd was also identified.

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