Several techniques have been deployed to enhance oil recovery. Some have given good results while there is still the possibility that some materials that have not been tried might also have the capacity to enhance recovery. The underlying motivation for this study therefore is to find out the capacity of local materials to enhance oil recovery. Alcohol (palm wine) and water mixture and alcohol (palm wine) and starch mixture were used in various ratios to find out the ideal ratios that recovers oil most from sands.

Experimental results show that a mixture of alcohol and water and alcohol and starch can enhance oil recovery. For alcohol and water, oil recovery increased with an increase in alcohol content of the mixture. This could be attributed to reduction of interfacial tension between oil and water. For alcohol and starch, the ideal ratio of 1:1 gave the highest recovery. Beyond this ratio, oil recovery was observed to be reduced. The good result may have resulted partly from reduction of interfacial tension and partly as a result of increase in the viscosity of the displacing fluid.

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