The Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry (OGI) is about 54 years old. The Nigerian OGI from its inception was seen as a foreign exchange earner. In this regard, it is playing the predicted role. The Oil industry is predicted to last just another 40 years, whereas the Gas industry is predicted to last 80 more years. That shows that neither the OGI nor the foreign exchange it earns an artisan/agricultural economy like Nigeria's, is permanent. The USA as No. 1 world power nation is a powerful science and technology(S&T)-nation, dominating all aspects of human endeavour including the OGI. The USA was a British colony and later an independent village-nation in the period 1606–1800 with artisan/craft/agricultural economy. The nation achieved industrialization in the period 1850–1900 and has remained a world power since the 1900s. Industrialization confers on a nation a relatively permanent high economic power with attendant thousands of companies involved in many S & T activities, including the Exploration and Production (E & P) of crude petroleum. How can the OGI promote rapid industrialization in Nigeria?Our research showed that it is learning - education and training, that promotes sustainable economic growth and industrialization (SEGI). The variables for planning for industrialization are: 1) N - the number of people involved in productive work or employment in a nation; 2) M - the level of education and training of those involved in productive activities in the economy and of the people of the nation; 3) L - the linkages among the knowledge, skills, competences and sectors of an economy; 4) r - the learning rates or intensity in the economy and especially among the workforce; and 5) n - the experience of the workforce and the learning history of the society. The OGI can promote the establishment of a complementary training system and prompt rapid industrialization in Nigeria.

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