This paper describes the successful installation of the first commercial MazeFlo™ in a remedial sand control application and post job well performance. MazeFlo technology is an enhanced reliability sand screen with applications for remedial sand control and new completions. The reliability enhancement is achieved through a secondary sand screen in combination with a set of compartments to self-mitigate sand breakthrough from primary screen damage. The candidate well is located offshore West Africa with a high angle reservoir interval length of 1500 ft measured depth. It was originally completed with a 4-1/2" pre-perforated liner across the open hole interval without sand control and historically became a sand producer post initial completion. Though a high rate producer, the well was subsequently shut-in for sand production and a MazeFlo screen was installed to restore production.

This paper will share installation results and learnings from the rig-based intervention that was required to install the 2-3/8" MazeFlo screen inside the existing 4-1/2" pre-perforated liner. Handling and running of the MazeFlo screens was flawless due to front-end engineering, planning, and collaboration with key service providers. Post job well performance will also be discussed.

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