For more than a decade now cement packers have been used to access behind the pipe reserves that have been over looked due to their uneconomical viabilities during the developmental stages of the different reservoirs in a well. This technology has been used mostly to access reserves above the production packers either in a single completion or in a dual completion wells.

Recently, this technology has been extended to marginal reserves found between dual production packers in dual strings completions. In some cases, it has been used to plug off existing perforations within the dual production packers and also used in accessing reserves slightly above or below the existing perforations.

Equally, a new approach was adapted in keeping the tubing free of cement slurry during displacement. This new approach uses a foam wiper ball that is housed in a conventional cement head (designed solely for cement packer jobs) which launches the foam wiper ball to wipe off cement from the Christmas tree bore and production tubing during the displacement of the cement slurry. It also prevents the rigging down of the pump line from the well head connection/crossovers during the wiper ball launching.

This paper describes successful cement packer recompletion jobs done on reserves found above dual production completion and those found between two dual production completion packers using the above techniques.

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