Crude oil emulsion has been one of the paramount challenges facing oil and gas production from the subsurface (reservoir) to the surface. Since there is a likely hood of producing water alongside crude oil because of the environment in which hydrocarbons (Petroleum) are found, this research attempts to find a solution to the lingering problem of treating crude oil emulsion with locally formulated demulsifiers. Materials used in the formulation of the local blends include coconut oil, D-Limonene, Liquid soap, locally prepared starch, Camphor, Calcium Hydroxide, Paraffin wax. Five different concentrations were blended and tested on a crude oil emulsion from a Niger Delta field and was treated with locally made demulsifiers at a temperature of 40°C which is the lease temperature.

Test results indicate that all blends spontaneously dissolve the crude oil emulsion within the shortest possible time with a clean top oil of almost 100% with less than 1% sediment. A control experiment revealed that the crude oil emulsion undisolved within the stipulated time of 30mins to 120mins. It was observed that the same amount of a foreign demulsifier which is already in use did not give the same results within the stipulated time but gave close results after a longer duration of time. The demulsifiers were composed of flocculants, surfactants and solvents..

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