This work discusses the experience and results of generating a rig-specific riser gas handling (RGH) procedure based on previous project experiences and the IADC Riser Gas Handling Guidelines developed by the Riser Gas Handling sub-committee of the IADC Underbalanced Operations and Managed Pressure Drilling Committee. In this work the authors differentiate between what should be considered RGH, and what should be considered dynamic influx management, and define the boundaries between both processes.

It presents an example procedure under the following premises as main indicators to identify and differentiate the gas in the riser, for example a) high concentration of gas in the mud was detected in the shakers, b) gas units and LEL setting level, c) Undetected influx producing gas expansion in the riser increasing flow out. The presentation includes a brief discussion on the theory involved, preparation required, and responsibilities, and provides an example procedure and process flow diagram.

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