ZX was a development well located in offshore Madura, Indonesia. ZX was classified as an Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) well with 2.40 ERD ratio. ZX well was in KX field which known to have several drilling hazards. The formation had multiple lost circulation zones below the 9 5/8" casing shoe that was prone to total and partial losses due to combination depleted formation in the upper side and the nature of karst or fractured carbonate formation in middle and lower part of the interval. In addition, the bottom part of the hole section had the problematic wellbore instability. These hazards led to the necessity to closely monitor and control the pressure profile throughout the operation to find balance between loss circulation and wellbore stability to ensure an efficient and safe operation.

An automated managed pressure drilling (MPD) system was used to precisely control bottom hole pressure. MPD system was used to drill 8-1/2" section of ZX well smoothly to target depth and geological objective was achieved without NPT. MPD cementing was performed successfully for 7" liner operation. This was the first managed pressure cementing (MPC) operation in offshore Madura and the application mitigated the loss circulation and avoided the unnecessary remedial cementing job.

The paper shared the success MPD story of extremely narrow window ERD well in offshore Madura, Indonesia. It aimed to describe the application of MPD for this specific ERD case from planning phase to execution phase as well as the lesson learned.

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