Technology integration is not complete without ownership. In light of the numerous challenges associated with deepwater plays all over the world, the most recent generation of ultra-deepwater drillships have more thoroughly considered the integration of managed pressure drilling (MPD) technology into the rigs. In the interest of accelerating technology integration of MPD in deepwater environments, essential equipment that enables the technique and its associated methodologies was recently offered for ownership by service companies to drilling contractors. Two (2) state-of-the-art dynamically positioned (DP3) drillships have successfully integrated MPD via ownership into their rig systems. This paper focuses on the process that was undertaken to realize rig integration for these drilling rigs, as well as on the challenges that were faced and the solutions developed to surmount them. More importantly, it discusses the outcome of the pioneering MPD rig integration projects and the lessons that were learned along the way, so that future projects are able to build on them. Lastly, it covers the substantial advantages and benefits that MPD equipment ownership, instead of traditional equipment rental, brings to the service companies, drilling contractors and operators.

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