Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) continues to offer a solution to today's growing number of previously "undrillable" technically-challenging wells. With more operating companies looking to incorporate MPD into their well designs and programs, service companies are facing a severe shortage of experienced field personnel capable of meeting this demand. To remain successful, the industry must be able to recruit, train and drive new personnel to competency in a timely fashion, minimize costs, and maximize productivity for the product line.

Training challenges faced by a young product line like MPD include the recruitment of competent field personnel on the rigs; the creation of training and competencies programs geared towards specified job roles; the development of informed instructors and mentors; and the implementation of an effective training system.

In this paper we will suggest the next steps of having a complete development program that focuses on training through a combination of computer based training (CBT), classroom training, and simulation with a hand's on equipment component. Competency that has specific performance criteria the employees will have to meet before advancing to the next level and a mentoring program through on the job learning. These three foundations will re-enforce concepts, techniques, and applications of MPD and ensure the industry will have a trained and competent work force that will meet the growing demand of this young product line.

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