The HPHT Exploration field is located in Block PM on the Northern side of the Malay Basin, Malaysia, and is notorious for its steeply rising pressure ramp, narrow drilling operation window with only 0.5ppg-0.6ppg in the 14-3/4?? and 9-1/2?? sections and inter-bedded sand/coal and shale formations

Block PM is still at the exploration and appraisal stage and therefore there is limited petrophysical information. Well SBD-2 was the second attempt to reach and cross the F & H sands of this basin.

This paper will detail how Formation Pressure While Drilling (FPWD) and Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) were successfully applied to drill this HPHT exploration well with a very narrow safe mud weight window. FPWD provided a direct pressure measurement while drilling to set the lower boundary and the Dynamic Formation Integrity Tests (FIT) with MPD provided the upper boundary.

All the benefits of using a fully automated managed pressure drilling system were necessary to reach Well TD for the first time in this field; including Early Kick Detection (EKD), Dynamic Formation Integrity Tests (FIT), Dynamic Flow Checks and Constant BHP control within a narrow pressure margin.

The result of the combined technologies and operational procedures is safely drilling the first successful HPHT well in Malaysia drilled with MPD constant bottomhole pressure application. This well is so far the deepest gas discovery for the north Malay Basin.

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