Automatic drilling operations using different Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) technologies such as annulus backpressure systems or dual-gradient systems require investigation of the system's ability to operate during various kick incidents. Due to the increased instrumentation typically available in MPD operations, kick incidents can be identified earlier compared to more traditional methods using evaluation of the pit gain. Since early kick detection is possible, the use of new well shut-in procedures such as the dynamic shut-in procedure will probably be accepted as more appropriate during MPD operations. This paper describes how the dynamic shut-in procedure can be performed during a kick incident occurring during drilling.

The main pumps and the choke valve opening are operated using the automatic coordinated control system. The dynamic shut-in procedure is evaluated using a detailed dynamic multi-phase flow model, and the case used for the evaluation is based on the requirements from an off-shore drilling operation of a well in the North Sea. The dynamic shut-in procedure is followed by a procedure using the automatic coordinated control system to displace the kick, and the procedure is compared to both Driller's Method and the Wait and Weight method.

The results show that using the dynamic shut-in procedure together with the automatic coordinated control system reduces the time needed to establish control of the well as compared to the more traditional well control procedures. The results also indicate that introducing the dynamic shut-in procedure reduces the total risk for the whole drilling operation.

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