In today's Underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling environments the Rotating Control Device (RCD) is no longer simply a flow diverter, but is a key piece of well control equipment and the critical first safety defense to prevent escape of well fluids during critical drilling operations. The RCD should not be considered just another piece of rental equipment to be called out at the last minute. When planning a UBO or MPD well it is important to consider the RCD, and consult with the supplier early in the planning stages.

This discussion will attempt to identify the information required to properly select the RCD device and trim, define ancillary equipment needed, and assign responsibilities to various parties to ensure that fit for purpose materials and information are available at the rig site when needed. Procedures and safety precautions for installing the device will be addressed. Operational considerations to insure safety while drilling and maintaining the sealing elements and bearings will also be covered.

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