1961 Middle East Regional Meeting; Dhahran, March 27–29, 1961

One of the more significant activities in the Middle East and Persian Gulf petroleum industry in recent years has been the planning-development and construction of the Gachsaran Field and Kharg Island Oil Loading Terminal. In fact, few projects rank in scope, magnitude and accomplishment within the entire petroleum industry worldwide over the past several years.

The activity in bringing this project to conclusion officially culminated in its inauguration on 8th November, 1960 by His Majesty The Shah-in-Shah of Iran.

Apart from the physical prominence and range in scope from production facilities, a surface or band pipeline and submarine pipeline, to tank farms, tanker loading facilities and jetty plus supporting facilities the project was characterized by a uniquely organized international construction force made up from a group of construction companies staffed with Iranians Dutch British French and American technicians artisans and laborers. The work performed by this polyglot group was sponsored in turn by a larger group of the worlds leading oil companies known as the Iranian Oil Operating Companies or colloquially as the "Consortium" in cooperation with the National Iranian Oil Company. Few construction projects have ever involved so many nationalities or have been so complex in their organization.

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