A new technique of direct sampling system is designed to analyze the liquid and gas phases at high pressure condition ranging from 10 to 1000 bars from the PVT cell at a maximum temperature of 300° F. The sampling and its analysis can be made during constant composition expansion and constant volume depletion experiments at each pressure step. Study of the phase behaviour of synthetic mixtures of hydrocarbon are carried out and the technique is used for the analysis of liquid and gas phases from the PVT cell at equilibrium conditions. The important application of this technique is the analyses of the liquid from the PVT cell after each step during depletion experiment. The existing method uses mass balance equations to calculate liquid composition in the cell at each depletion step. By using this method, negative masses of lighter hydrocarbons are reported in PVT studies of gas condensate. To avoid this error in the calculation of the liquid composition, this new technique is developed and validated. Production from gas condensate reservoir by depletion causes liquid dropout in the pore space as a result of retrograde phenomenon. A proper knowledge of phase behaviour is essential in order to plan and devise a suitable schem for the recovery of this fluid. To simulate depletion mechanism, constant volume depletion experiment is conducted in the laboratory. Since phase behaviour is dependent on the reservoir conditions and composition of the reservoir fluid, accurate compositional analysis of liquid is very important in characterizing the behaviour of gas condensates.

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