Total production analysis is currently in use in oil field operations assisting the optimization of production to ensure the maximum profitability.

The Khafji Field, being an oil field situated in the offshore Saudi Arabia, has been producing oil from more than 100 wells for the past 30 years. Oil flows from the wellhead jacket to the two-phase separator on the offshore flow station (gas oil separation platform). After flowing to the pump station oil is transmitted through the transmission line to the onshore facilities. Some wells are gas lifted and the production water cut is on the increase. Water cut will definitely intensify with the increase in gas lift operation. The review and evaluation of the offshore facilities, from the individual wellhead to the inlet of offshore separator, is essential so as to optimize oil production.

This paper outlines the field application of production system analysis. The flow through the wellhead choke and the flow through the pipeline have been investigated using actual field data and the technical correlation for these flows have been established. A review discussion is offered concerning the identification of the bottleneck in the existing production facilities which at present time, acts as a serious restraint on oil production. The problems encountered in carrying out this investigation are outlined and, specifically, the solution for the bottleneck problem to optimize production within the limits of existing facilities are discussed at length. Finally guidelines are proposed for future facility design and modification.

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