The analytical solutions1  based on the tritinear2  fracture flow model are used to further study effects of linear skin on the fracture, fracture to formation height ratio, wellbore and fracture storages, fracture to formation hydraulic diffusivity ratio, and phase segregation on the pressure profile of finite-conductivity, vertically fractured wells.

The analytic solutions for the constant-rate and the constant-pressure cases for both infinite and bounded reservoir conditions in conjunction with a unique asymptotic approach to pseudoradial flow are used to produce the corresponding type curves. The combined solutions provide all the possible flow regimes encountered in pressure transient testing of any finite-conductivity, vertically fractured formations. They present wellbore and fracture storage, early-time unsteady-state fracture linear, bilinear, skin on the fracture dominated, formation linear, pseudoradial, and pseudosteady state flow periods.

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