This paper describes the planning, laboratory evaluation, and fluid system development for a fracturing treatment on a horizontal completion in the Sahmah Field, Sultanate of Oman. The Sahmah field consists of two reservoirs, the Lower and Upper Haushi, part of the Permian age. The Upper Haushi comprises a sandstone formation overlying a dolomite bed. The sandstone is deep, hot, and has low permeability with pockets of moderate permeabilities throughout. In the past, improvement in productivity has been successful with hydraulic fracturing treatments. A horizontal completion in the sandstone with a combination of multiple fracturing treatments placed in the horizontal wellbore was considered as a method for optimizing production in the Sahmah field.

The isolation of the field created logistic and well servicing problems, so four separate hydraulic fracturing treatments, to be performed prior to flowback, were planned. The laboratory testing carried out for fluid selection and fracture modeling for the horizontal completion form the basis of this paper.

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