Horizontal wells could turn out to be one. of the. most Important technological developments of the decade. What was considered an exotic way of drilling in early eighties, and mote ox less an extension of deviated drilling, now appears as a significant production technique.

The paper computes the productivity indices, Pls for both horizontal and veitical wells, the ratio of Pls E the replacement factors. Three variants have been cons-idered, viz drilling of vertical, short-radius and long radius horizontal wells in a fractured basement reservoir. Performance prediction and technoeconomic evaluation has been made for future.

Extensive literature review has been carried out and computations made. It is concluded that even though horizontal option appears to be beneficial, obviously there are cases when it not so. For the examples considered herein, long-radius horizontal well completions are found bettet than both vertical and short-radius horizontal well completions, but vertical welis seem to have an edge over the short-radius horizontal wells.

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