In recent years, horizontal drilling has captured much attention in the oil industry. Acid fracturing on the other hand, has been long before adopted by the industry, both techniques have proved to be effective in enhancing the productivity of oil wells, their theory and merits have been tackled by numerous technical papers. However, in the majority of these works, comparisons were invariably made by discussing the performance of a vertical well versus a horizontal one, or fractured versus unfractured. The following paper is intended to present actual case histories comparing the performance of a fully completed horizontal well with that of an acid fractured well in the same field and within the same reservoir (carbonate), thus making the comparison more representative, because important "flow parameters" related to reservoir characteristics are similar in both cases. The paper will describe the environment in which these two techniques were field tested and present conclusions on the production enhancement achieved in each case, brief description of the additional cost incurred will also be highlighted.

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