Digitally processed Landsat thematic mapper images covering the Central Arabian Arch were interpreted to map both regional geology and local anomalies. Two typical local anomalies are described and illustrated. The Shaib Thamamah anomaly is a topographic depression that interrupts the regional dip slope on the upper member of the Aruma Formation (Cretaceous). The lower member of the Aruma Formation is exposed on the floor of the depression. Seismic data show that the Shaib Thamamah Anomaly is a structural terrace underlain by basement faults that grade upward into a gentle anticline. The Raghib Anomaly is a topographic re-entrant in the dip slope of the Sulaiy Formation (Cretaceous). Seismic data show a single fault at depth that grades upward into an anticline and a structural terrace. The Raghib 1 exploratory well was drilled on the local anomaly and the crest of the subsurface anticline; an oil field was discovered in the Unayzah Formation (Pennsylvanian and Permian age). These examples illustrate the importance of Landsat images for oil exploration.

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