The effective reservoir development and surveillance of East Zeit field has achieved resource delineation and improved profitability, despite significant technical difficulties caused by the very complex geology (intensive faulting, facies changes) and lack of interpretable seismic (variable salt layers). Results of two successful development drilling programs, reservoir performance, and model studies are discussed. New techniques for interpreting seismic data which show potential for significant advances in the ability to map East Zeit field are also presented.

Material balance studies identified significant reserve potential at East Zeit. This potential was assessed with a reservoir model developed in Houston and confirmed with a PC-based simulator in Cairo. Less than four years after initiating production, proved reserves were increased by over 100% to nearly 80 MBbl (12.7 Mm3) based on results of consolidated engineering and geological studies. A well workover and additional drilling program has increased well production capacity to 25-30 kBbl/d (4.0-4.8 km3/d). The second phase of development drilling has shown that potential exists for additional reserves in the field.

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