ADMA-OPCO has main subsea pipelines in sizes ranging from 16" to 48" Dia with approximately total length of 275 km through which crude oil, gas and condensate are transmitted from Umm Shaif and Zakum Fields to Das Island, north west of Abu Dhabi, for processing and loading.

These pipelines are vital, considered the nerve system of ADMA-OPCO production facilities and are the only source of gas supply to ADGAS' LNG plant. Hence their availability and reliability is the prime factor in ADMA-OPCO's and ADGAS' productivity.

Having noted that recently Abu Dhabi offshore areas have had quite an increasing number of reported pipeline incidents, the possibility of a pipeline failure resulting from seafaring traffic, operation and materials can never be ruled out Such failure can lead to prolong production down-time especially if an operator is not adequately equipped to cope with such an emergency failure.

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