In Upper Zakum Field, the interest in horizontal drilling has continued. A second horizontal well was drilled during the second half of 1989. This necessitated running logging tools for well control and to evaluate the reservoir characteristics. The logging tool selected for this well is that of Sperry-Sun. Tools configuration and tolerance were found to fulfil ZADCO's requirements and specifications.

The services provided included Measurement While Drilling (MWD) directional services and RLL (Recorded Lithology Logging). The RLL services cover Dual Gamma Ray (DGR), Electromagnetic Wave Resistivity (EWR) and Compensated Neutron Porosity (CN porosity). All the RLL tools were an integrated part of the Bottom Hole Drilling Assembly. Data acquired while surveying was recorded in a recording sub down-hole and retrieved when the tools were up at the surface.

A PC assisted quick look interpretation was carried out using Archie's equation in shale free limestone to calculate:

  • Effective porosity

  • Water Saturation and

  • Bulk water volume.

Reservoir characteristics as derived from the RLL were compared with near-by wells and geological maps and were found compatible with the in-use Geological/Reservoir model.

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