Side-mounted gun strings present a unique challenge for predictive perforation modeling tools because of their asymmetric geometry. To fully capture the dynamic response of the side-mounted system and more accurately predict the response of any gun system in general, it is important to fully capture the three-dimensional (3D) effects of model geometry and detonation-induced loading.

This work details the modeling approach developed for a side-mounted gun system that enables the full geometry to be simulated so that accurate predictions of stresses and displacements could be made; these predictions are necessary for evaluating the damage potential to sensitive tools in the string, It is important to allow operation designers to optimize gun spacing and provide string flexibility to help ensure it can withstand downhole conditions without affecting performance.

The simulation methodology was calibrated against previous test measurements, where loads and accelerations were captured during surface testing of a gun string. A detailed model was developed for the planned operation, and simulations were performed to predict the dynamic response of the wellbore fluid and tool string. Multiple damage sensitivities were identified for particular tools, and model results were extracted to evaluate 1) pressure dynamic loading on the tool, 2) displacement levels where movement is expected, and 3) dynamic loading of the tool. These results were provided to the developers of the sensitive tool to help assess potential damage risks.

For each case, predictions were compared to previous test results and operation experience to develop a risk evaluation for the planned operation. Further, results were used to make adjustments to the operation to help optimize performance; comparison plots are presented for the different configurations evaluated. This overall process provided confidence to the operators that the operation would be performed successfully with no damage to the sensitive tool.

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