Talent management is the process through which organizations anticipate their human capital needs and set strategies to achieve objective. A common definition of Talent Management is “Getting the right people with the right skills into the right jobs and deal with people management challenge in organizations”. Talent Management includes processes like Recruiting, Training and Developing, Retaining talent, Developing Leadership talent, Creating Ethical Culture and Performance Management. This presentation focuses on one critical process i.e. Training and Development in Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). It provides a brief description of Talent Management opportunities, historical background of staff development strategies, trend, current status and future challenges.

The paper focusses on an integrated talent management using a system approach. Accordingly, a high level committee “Training Implementation Unit” (TIU) was established in 2006 and further enhanced in 2008. The enhanced TIU model made significant progress through a dedicated team of professionals to look after technical development opportunities and challenges. Several milestones have been achieved under the enhanced TIU model in last 5 years. A new roadmap consists of four segments is now developed with a vision to have a fast track development to meet KOC 2030 strategies. A successful pilot project on UDs rotational model “Mandatory Foundation Assignment” has been developed and implemented.

Defining competencies, ensuring the alignment with business needs, assessing the current competency level of employees and developing action plan are the main examples of systematic approach for staff development process. The presentation focusses on the challenges and strategies to meet the challenges.

Linking HR strategy with the staff development including various aspects of talent management is a very important step and strategy for building organization capabilities for future. Creating competency based organization and providing development opportunities to all staff are also equally important to meet the challenges and achieve desired objectives.

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