The Raudhatain Zubair reservoir play a key role in the production development plan for North Kuwait. The Zubair production is contributing 20% of total north Kuwait production.

Well RA-XX3in North Kuwait Raudhatain field, produced a significantly higher oil rate than existing wells in the field. Production was the application of the latest perforating technologies comprising of deep penetrating charges along with the unique Perforating for Ultimate Reservoir Exploitation and Dynamic Under balance (DUB). The charge used is the deepest penetrating charge available in the industry today, based on API-19B section 1, with penetration depth of 65.2″. Prior existing wells produced an average of 1500 BOPD. This well after being perforated using Dynamic Under balance (DUB) and deep penetrating charges produced 3000 BOPD with zero water cut.

The interval perforated was in a high deviated well where traditionally a Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) deployment would have been used to convey guns with a static under balance, correlating the gun positioning with a RA marker more than 2000 ft above the interval. Using the wire line tractor, the guns were positioned accurately on depth, utilizing DUB technology, with significant rig time saving over the conventional TCP runs.

A further three wells have been shot using this conveyance method and has shown to provide significant rig time saving with additional production due to DUB technique and accuracy of gun positioning.

This SPE paper and presentation will demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of deploying guns using WL tractor and benefits of DUB perforating. This successful operation has provided a new approach to underbalanced perforating on tractor to achieve clean, zero-skin perforations is replacing the prevailing underbalanced concept of perforating job design.

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