Talisman Energy deployed MPD technology in their Kurdamir-2 exploration well using a fully automated managed pressure control system with a rotating control head, back-pressure pump, and MPD choke manifold. This technology enabled the control of the equivalent mud weight while drilling potential hydrocarbon zones. Utilizing a mass flow meter with real-time monitoring of mud weight allowed accurate observation of gains and losses. A constant bottom hole pressure technique was used to manage the annular pressure profile using the MPD choke to apply surface back-pressure. An auxiliary pump was used for continuous circulation across the top of the well during connections. The system was also used while cementing the liner to manipulate equivalent mud weight.

The fully automated MPD system was used while drilling various hole sections. This resulted in a mud program which allowed for a mud weight closer to the pore pressure. Additional backpressure was applied at surface during static conditions to compensate for frictional losses. Gas kicks were detected and safely circulated out by applying surface back pressure with the automatic choke manifold while maintaining penetration rates, improving safety, and reducing drilling cost by avoiding NPT. Accurate pore and fracture pressure was determined through hydraulic modeling and real-time monitoring of the well bore. While cementing the liner, the MPD system enabled Talisman to avoid changes to the mud system by raising the equivalent mud weight through manipulating surface back pressure.

The automated MPD system enabled Talisman Energy to drill to the target depth by controlling and manipulating the bottom hole pressure through multiple abnormal pressure zones within the open wellbore. The system ultimately enabled early detection of influxes and losses, dynamic equivalent mud weight management, maintenance of BHP during static conditions, dynamic LOT’s and FIT’s, formation strengthening, and cementing the liner without losses.

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