A smart well concept with autonomous inflow control valve (AICV) is presented. AICV utilized the best from smart wells (ICV) and inflow control devices (ICD). The technology is presented, discussed and compared against other conventional inflow control technologies, id est (i.e.) passive ICD. The flow characteristics are presented and implemented in reservoir model simulations. Significant increased production and recovery are shown for the application in a thin oil rim with gas cap and heterogeneous reservoir. The AICVs are autonomous, i.e. self-regulating and do not required any external control or force. This makes them simple and robust, and a large number of control valves can be mounted in the well, i.e. one in each screen. When water and/or gas breakthrough occur the valves in the breakthrough zone will autonomously shut-off. This provides the operator with a significantly more efficient production and increased recovery. The AICV technology also enables opportunities to drill longer wells and achieve maximum reservoir contact of each well. In addition, the AICV removes the risk, cost and requirement for separation, transportation and handling of unwanted fluid.

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